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OECD charts a slowing of international mobility growth

Every year, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) produces a massive report that rolls up a considerable range of education data and trends....

College admissions under pressure in the US: International numbers down for some

For colleges and universities in the US, 1 May is the traditional benchmark date for measuring whether or not enrolment goals for the coming year...

Rolling out the first large-scale scholarship programmes for MOOCs

The landscape of international student mobility has always been heavily informed by large-scale scholarship programmes. Europe’s Erasmus programme is a prominent illustration of the strong influence...

Post-Brexit planning in the UK: tighter controls for EU students; hope for continuing research collaboration

The British government’s post-Brexit ambitions for higher education are becoming a little clearer thanks to a recent combination of leaks and official position papers. The...

Is your email mobile enough?

People like to say that email is still the “killer app” when it comes to reaching and engaging prospects. And they’re right. Certainly this is...

What rankings are most important to students?
China’s college-aged population to decline through 2025
India moves on from branch campus plan
Australia: Growth remains strong at mid-year
Brazilian outbound continues to strengthen with a trend to longer stays abroad
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Oxford International Education Group: Educating 25,000 students every year


Brazilian outbound continues to strengthen with a trend to longer stays abroad

The number of Brazilian students studying abroad increased by 14% in 2016. New data from both agent and student...

Indonesia’s growing middle class expected to drive outbound mobility
From the field: Recruiting in Oman
South Asia: Measuring agent perceptions of Australia
Internationalisation and focus on student recruitment increasing among US colleges
Australian legislation to tighten regulations for VET providers and agent reporting
Survey finds high degree of student satisfaction with education agents
Brazilian outbound grew in 2016


Is your email mobile enough?

People like to say that email is still the “killer...

The business case for translating your website
Major industry report highlights key Internet trends in China and India
Online enrolment in US continues to grow
Online learning still expected to pressure traditional higher education models
Five for Friday
Global MOOC enrolment jumped again last year
Opening the door to new learning models

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South Africa

South Africa’s ELT sector began to recover in 2016. Student numbers increased by 19%, and student weeks by 20%. Read more


Worldwide MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) enrolment grew by nearly two-thirds in 2016 to reach 58 million students. Read more


International studen enrolments in Australia grew by 14%, Year-to-date May 2017. Read more


Russia aims to increase international enrolment to more than 700,000 students by 2025. Read more


97.4% of foreign students in the UK leave the country before their visa expires. Read more


Top five sending markets for Canadian language programmes in 2016: Japan, Brazil, China, South Korea, and Mexico. Read more


The number of college-aged students in China is projected to decline by 40% between 2010 and 2025. Read more


International enrolment in Germany grew by nearly 6% again in 2016 to surpass 340,000 students. Read more

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